The coming 2020 spring, our Youth Innovation Club will offer seven...

2019 Makeblock MakeX Robotics Competition World Championship...

The coming 2019 fall, our Youth Innovation Club will offer seven...

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时间:6/16 周日傍晚7点到8:30
地点:40 Oak Drive, Syosett, NY

The 2019 MakeX International Robotics Competition New York Open...

2019MakeX机器人大赛纽约公开赛将于十月十三日(Columbus Day长周末)首次在北美举行。这次比赛的参赛对象是6到13...

The coming 2019 spring, our Youth Innovation Club will offer three...

The coming 2019 winter & spring, our Youth Innovation Lab will...

The coming 2019 winter & spring, our Youth Innovation Lab will...


School of Engineering

School of Engineering


Course Description (课程描述):

Come to learn how to make simple game using Python

In this class, students will use Python programming, learn the basic game programming,, using different method, from beginner to intermediate, with or without action, pack of fun.

Learn to create your own game, and take time to share your own game (not only play the game).




Pre-requirement: Previous knowledge with Python programming is required

PBL Smart Home Course

Course Description (课程描述):

The course of PBL smart home requires relatively strong hands-on ability, but it will be a highly comprehensive course. Basically, we will revolve around the big direction and supplement the shortcomings. 3D design and mobile phone programming will be used. Of course, there are hardware programming and some challenges, but I believe it is also very worthwhile, because the content is indeed a lot, there will be 1.5 hours each time.

MakeX Starter Robotics Competition Preparation Course

MakeX, at its 2019 season, host more than 800 competitions in more than 60 countries, with more than 12000 teams participated, quickly become the number 3 (by participation scale) youth robotics competition in the world, right behind the FIRST and VEX. MakeX has four level of competitions, Spark, Starter, Challenge and Premier.

MakeX Starter is a multitasking competition for young people of 6-16 years old. The 2020 theme of MakeX Starter is Smart Links.


Course Description (课程描述):

Come to learn how to make projects with playground express kits!

In this class, students will use Python programming, Playground Express Kit to learn the basic concepts of electrical circuit, LED & button control, Temperature Sensor, Motion Sensor, sensor data collection and IR communication. In the later part of the class, students will apply these knowledge to make various of projects like: Holiday Decoration, sound reactive light, drum, etc.

大家一起来学习如何使用 playground express套件制作项目!


Course Description (课程描述):

The course covers the important concepts and programming mechanisms that exist in all programming languages: Reading and writing to standard IO, using operators, controlling the flow of execution, using functions, reading and writing files, and introduction to object concepts. It also includes Python specific facilities such as code re-use, built-in sequence types, and iteration.

本课程涵盖了所有编程语言中存在的重要概念和编程机制:读取和写入标准IO,使用操作符,控制执行流程,使用函数,读取和写入文件以及介绍对象概念。 它还包括Python特定的工具,如代码重用,内置序列类型和迭代。

About Java:


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