The coming 2020 spring, our Youth Innovation Club will offer seven...

2019 Makeblock MakeX Robotics Competition World Championship...

The coming 2019 fall, our Youth Innovation Club will offer seven...

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时间:6/16 周日傍晚7点到8:30
地点:40 Oak Drive, Syosett, NY

The 2019 MakeX International Robotics Competition New York Open...

2019MakeX机器人大赛纽约公开赛将于十月十三日(Columbus Day长周末)首次在北美举行。这次比赛的参赛对象是6到13...

The coming 2019 spring, our Youth Innovation Club will offer three...

The coming 2019 winter & spring, our Youth Innovation Lab will...


About Us

长岛青少年编程及创新俱乐部(Youth CS & Innovation Club, 或是 青少年创新俱乐部 Youth Innovation Club),是由一群家在长岛的有深厚IT以及教育背景的家长组织的,以培养青少年编程能力和创新思维为目的的俱乐部,俱乐部以前是全封闭模式,已经运营了超过三年,在不少竞赛中取得了不错的成绩。现在俱乐部重新开放,如果你家有喜欢新技术,或是有较强好奇心的孩子,我们邀请你的加盟。
The Youth Coding & Innovation Club (Youth Innovation Club) is organized by a group of parents with a strong IT and educational background in Long Island to develop young programming skills and innovative thinking. The purpose of the club, the club was previously a closed mode, has been operating for more than three years, and achieved good results in many competitions. Now the club is reopening. If you have a child who likes new technology or has strong curiosity, we invite you to join.

The purpose of our club is to bring together the strength of parents to help our children learn programming and project development, inspire their curiosity and discover their innovative capabilities. Our characteristics are project-oriented, all the learning links are naturally integrated into the project design and development process, so that students are not boring learning, but actually participate in development, while learning and doing, and finally see Results. Doing projects and participating in competitions is not an end in itself, but a means of stimulating children to learn to explore and think positively, because we believe that only by cultivating the seeds of children's curious minds and igniting the motivation of children's inner exploration is to let them grow up. Follow your passion, ignite your motivation.

我们将会邀请更多的有丰富经验的IT专业和有其它专业背景的人士作为顾问,并且和美国以及其它国家类似的俱乐部协作(我们俱乐部是一个大的全国性俱乐部网络的核心成员)。我们将定期举办线上和线下的活动,采用边学边做的模式,经常性地组织参加各类的地区性,全国性以及全球性的青少年竞赛,让孩子通过做实际项目,在提升STEM能力的同时,提高沟通交流(discussion,writing & presentation)的能力,锻炼领导力(leadership),同时和非盈利机构合作,提供给学生参与做义工的机会,如果你家有喜欢新技术,或是有较强好奇心的孩子,我们邀请你的加盟,如果你有兴趣指导孩子参与相关的活动,我们也欢迎你的加盟。
We will invite more experienced IT professionals and people with other professional backgrounds as consultants and collaborate with similar clubs in the US and other countries (our club is a core member of a large national club network). We will organize online and offline events on a regular basis, and adopt a learning-by-school model to regularly organize participation in various regional, national and global youth competitions, so that children can improve their STEM by doing practical projects. At the same time, the ability to improve communication, writing & presentation, leadership, and non-profit organizations, to provide students with the opportunity to volunteer, if your family likes new technology, or We have a strong curiosity, we invite you to join, if you are interested in guiding your child to participate in related activities, we also welcome you to join.

有兴趣的家长可以填写下面的GOOGLE FORM,或是发送邮件给我们(youthinnolab@gmail.com), 我们将及时和你联系。(因为多数活动都是以长岛为中心,暂时不接受长岛以外的家庭加入,敬请谅解)
Interested parents can fill out the following GOOGLE FORM, or send us an email (youthinnolab@gmail.com), we will contact you in time. (Because most activities are centered on Long Island, we will not accept families outside Long Island for the time being, please understand)


Youth Coding and Innovation Club, Youth Innovation Club are the same club
Both are running by Youth Innovation Lab, please send email to director@youthinnolab.com for more details.

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