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2019 Makeblock MakeX Robotics Competition World Championship...

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时间:6/16 周日傍晚7点到8:30
地点:40 Oak Drive, Syosett, NY

The 2019 MakeX International Robotics Competition New York Open...

2019MakeX机器人大赛纽约公开赛将于十月十三日(Columbus Day长周末)首次在北美举行。这次比赛的参赛对象是6到13...

The coming 2019 spring, our Youth Innovation Club will offer three...

The coming 2019 winter & spring, our Youth Innovation Lab will...


MakeX Starter Robotics Competition Preparation Course

MakeX, at its 2019 season, host more than 800 competitions in more than 60 countries, with more than 12000 teams participated, quickly become the number 3 (by participation scale) youth robotics competition in the world, right behind the FIRST and VEX. MakeX has four level of competitions, Spark, Starter, Challenge and Premier.

MakeX Starter is a multitasking competition for young people of 6-16 years old. The 2020 theme of MakeX Starter is Smart Links.

Smart Links is divided into two parts: automatic stage and manual stage. Contestants can improve logical thinking by graphical programming; learn more collaborative strategy by working with their alliance; develop problem-solving skills through the implementation of electronic parts, mechanical structure and software programming.

The 2020 Season will follow the alliance system and be more focused on encouraging cooperation and communication among teammates, guiding young participants to develop teamwork spirit from an early age.


MakeX Starter是面向6-16岁年轻人的多任务竞赛。 MakeX Starter的2020年主题是智能链接。

Smart Links分为两个部分:自动阶段和手动阶段。 参赛者可以通过图形编程来改善逻辑思维。 通过与他们的联盟合作来了解更多协作策略; 通过实施电子零件,机械结构和软件编程来发展解决问题的技能。


Course Description (课程描述):

In this class, students will assemble their own mBot, recognize and understand the functionality of the various actuators and sensors that come with the mBot, use mBlock to program the mBot so that it can build the solution for different MakeX Starter competition missions, and well prepare for the MakeX Starter competition. Through this process, students will learn and practice the advanced skill for robotics competition, which can be applied to not only the MakeX competition, but to other robotics competition, such as FLL, VEX as well.

在本课程中,学生将组装自己的mBot,认识并了解mBot随附的各种执行器和传感器的功能,使用mBlock对mBot进行编程,以便它可以为不同的MakeX Starter竞赛任务构建解决方案,并且 为MakeX Starter比赛做准备。 通过此过程,学生将学习和练习机器人竞赛的高级技能,该技能不仅可以应用于MakeX竞赛,而且可以应用于其他机器人竞赛,例如FLL,VEX。

About Makeblock:

Makeblock has always been devoting to stimulate the development of STEM education by optimizer robotic products and its platform. Their educational products are used in more than 20,000 schools worldwide in over 140 countries. One of those schools is AltSchool, the Silicon Valley education start-up founded by a former Google executive and backed by investors including Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.


Makeblock一直致力于通过优化机器人产品及其平台来刺激STEM教育的发展。 他们的教育产品在全球140多个国家的20,000多所学校中使用。 其中一所学校是AltSchool,这是硅谷教育初创公司,由谷歌前高管创办,并得到Facebook首席执行官马克扎克伯格等投资者的支持。

Students must has some previous experience of Scratch programming, Arduino or Robotics is preferred, but not required.

学生具有Scratch编程的先前经验,Arduino或Robotics会更好,但不是必需的 (本课程的第一节课会简单回顾Scratch编程的基础)。

Required devices: A laptop with a mouse and mBot bluetooth version

所需设备:带鼠标的笔记本电脑, MBOT 蓝牙版本

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