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The 2019 MakeX International Robotics Competition New York Open...

2019MakeX机器人大赛纽约公开赛将于十月十三日(Columbus Day长周末)首次在北美举行。这次比赛的参赛对象是6到13...

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MAKEX International Robot Competition New York Open ended successfully

The MakeX International Robot Competition is curated by Makeblock, a globally influential Chinese youth STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) teaching equipment development company. Since 2016, it has hosted hundreds of competitions in more than 20 countries around the world. More than 3,500 teams will participate in more than 5,000 competitions in more than 30 countries and regions in 2019. The MakeX International Robotics Competition New York Open Challenge on October 13th was hosted by YCIC Long Island Youth Programming Innovation Club, jointly organized by the State University of New York at OLD WESTBURY ( https://www.oldwestbury.edu/ ) and the UCDOA American Community Development Association. Co-organized by NAS Plus ( http://www.nepluscorp.com/ ), iSchool music & art ( http://ischoolmusicart.com/ ), LISMA Language Center ( https://www.lisma. Edu ) provides partial funding and awards.
The MakeX International Robotics Competition in New York is also the first time in the United States for the MakeX International Robotics Competition. Nearly 40 pupils and junior high school students from 6 to 13 years old from Nassau County and Suffolk County, Long Island. Students participate in, in addition to Chinese, Indian, Japanese and Italian students participate; the final two teams are composed of Chinese students, who won the 2019 MakeX Robot Challenge on behalf of the United States in Guangzhou, China. Congratulations on the qualifications of the global finals.

The theme of MakeX season in 2019 is “Guardian Home”. The game is divided into two parts: automatic control stage and manual control stage. Players need to use Makeblock’s mBot robot to complete the specified task in four minutes, combined with sensors, metal parts, etc., and finally use programming. The way to complete the game solution, get the competition score; this challenge has a total of 19 teams, each team has two students and at least one coach.
David Peng, the founder of YCIC, said that when children are exposed to STEAM training and competition, they can develop their intellectual potential, improve their hands-on ability, enhance their creative thinking, and exercise their ability to cope with setbacks and teamwork to solve problems. The robot itself is a combination of computer software programming, electronic components and mechanical components. The robot race requires the team to cooperate to find problems and propose solutions to problems. It can not only cultivate artificial intelligence for the future world. The underlying capabilities of many technologies, such as the Internet of Things, can also explore and develop team communication and necessary leadership skills. We hope that through this activity, we will develop children’s interests and abilities in these aspects and prepare them to become the leader in the future of the technology world.
YCIC co-founder Vanna Ye said that the first activity is mainly for primary school students and junior high school students. It requires a lot of collaboration and can increase the interaction between parents and children. It is a good parent-child activity. In addition, it also has a positive impact on our community, unites the unity of the community, and allows other communities to feel the spirit and strength of our community. We not only guide children to learn mathematics science, but we also actively promote compound education in science and technology, and promote cooperation to different ethnic groups, so that the whole society pays more attention to STEM education and promotes cooperation and harmony among various ethnic groups.

Huang Rongguang, president of UCODA, the exclusive sponsor of the event, said that as an electronic engineer, his advice to the younger generation is to always have a dream, strive to achieve innovation, and never give up even if it fails. Wang Dahai, one of the founders of the event partner UCODA, said that UCDDA was formally established in May this year. As a non-profit organization, UCODA hopes to meet the trend and promote the participation and learning of Chinese children in education, health, culture and sports. leadership.
Representative of the Nassau County Sheriff in New York, the executive director of the Asian Association for Cooperation, Farrah, attended the congratulations on behalf of the county governor and awarded the award to the contestants, SUNY’s college volunteers. She said that technology represents the future, the government attaches great importance to education in science and technology, and hopes that everyone will participate in the major activities of the government such as the census. Farrah also recognizes YCIC’s contribution to promoting STEM education and enhancing community participation in adolescents, as well as Professor Zhao Lan’s contribution to promoting community development.
Ruo Lan, a professor of mathematics and computer science at the State University of New York at Old Westbury, is the referee of the competition. The six college students are judges. Zhao Lan said that parents of Chinese-American students value book education, but their ability to work is weak. Therefore, it is hoped that through this competition, children will love science and cultivate their ability.
After a day of competition, the winners were awarded the “FruityFruit” consisting of Terrence Wang and Jeremy Wang, and the “Instinct Force” composed of Samuel Huang and Ariel Huang. The “Athic Army 1” consisting of Vincent Lin and Wilbur Wei. “A & Y” consisting of Adrian Jin and Yarabella Yang; “Hills Warrior” composed of Kenneth Tong and Kaylee Kuhr, and “Garfield” composed of Jeffery Tao and Brandon Jiang won the third place.

The champion team “FruityFruit” team members are very excited to win the championship. Coach Andy Wang is also their father. Wang Andi said that he took two children about two months ago to start preparation, although the time is not long, but he worked hard. In particular, one week before the game, the time will be prepared for the game. He also said that the competition is completely different from the usual learning as a hobby. The competition will help them improve their level and cultivate their interest. “This time is to study. The two children are still only the basic level of programming. I believe them. Will continue to improve.”
The mother of the third-year student Kenneth Tong, Don Jeanette, said that Kenneth has become more and more fond of programming after joining YCIC about two years ago. Currently, there are very few programming competitions for middle and primary school students. “This competition is very good for him. Exercise opportunities, including pre-preparation and competition, it is very common to encounter small problems in programming. It takes time and energy to solve, exercise your child’s patience and problem-solving ability. In the noisy environment of the game, the child can concentrate. In my own task, it is a great improvement.”
Martin Barrett, Sales Manager of MakeBlock USA, from Connecticut, specially came from Kangzhou to showcase a large number of MakeBlock products on site, attracting the attention of many parents and students. Many students are playing Liveblock, mRanger, Codey. Rocky and other products. The LISMA Language Center also prepared three gift vouchers for the event, giving the champion team a surprise.

Edward, the chairman of CCLI (Long Island Chinese Center), also attended the ceremony and presented the award for Jenny Lin, who won the Best Coach Award. Professor Zhao Lan also gave a brief introduction to SUNY Old Westbury, and as the representative of the co-organizer, Team Garfield was awarded the Best Team Spirit Award. MakeBlock on behalf of Marting for the team of the best cooperation awards FruityFruit issued a certificate, their tacit cooperation and the ability to operate the fire is a well-deserved choice. Edward presented the award to the winner of the Best Engineering Notes Award, and the engineering notes they made were the fighters in the notes.
Many parents who come here are very excited to inquire about the details of this competition. I hope that I will have the opportunity to participate in the future. There are also many Indian and Hispanic parents who want to introduce different communities and also agree to different communities. Do more promotion.

After four months of hard work, YCIC turned the MakeX Robotics New York Open from an idea into a reality, through promotion, team formation, workshops, ordering, coaching training, Q&A, referee training, stage production, decoration, venue Implementation, sponsor implementation, media promotion, insurance, transportation, catering, etc., the members of the MakeX New York Open Organizing Committee, David Peng, Vanna Ye, Ruo Lan, Janet Tong are all unique, efficient, and finally Guaranteed the success of the event.
We look forward to seeing you next year, and we believe that there will be more communities and different ethnic groups to participate together to promote the rapid development of MAKEX in the United States.

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