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2019 Makeblock MakeX Robotics Competition World Championship...

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时间:6/16 周日傍晚7点到8:30
地点:40 Oak Drive, Syosett, NY

The 2019 MakeX International Robotics Competition New York Open...

2019MakeX机器人大赛纽约公开赛将于十月十三日(Columbus Day长周末)首次在北美举行。这次比赛的参赛对象是6到13...

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The first ever MakeX Robot Competition New York US Open will be held in SUNY on 10/13

For the first time in the United States, the MakeX International Robot Competition, the 2019 MakeX Robot Competition New York US Open, the game will be held on Sunday at the Columbus Day Long Weekend (October 13th) at State University of New York, Old Westbury Campus in Long Island, NY. The robot contest was hosted by the YCIC Long Island Youth Coding and Innovation Club, co-host by State University of New York, C.O.W, and co-host with the UCODA American Community Oriented Development Association. At the same time, Nassau County Governor Laura Curran and Nassau County Asian American Affairs Office (OAAA) Executive Director Farrah Mozawalla highly affirmed and strongly supported the promotion of STEAM education, and will issue county citation to the participating children and volunteers.

The MakeX International Robot Competition was designed by Makeblock, a world-renowned youth STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) teaching equipment development company. It was started in 2016 and has been held in more than 20 countries in the 2018 season. In a hundred games, the total number of teams in the world exceeds 3,500.
Venue: SUNY Old Westbury (Maguire Theater) Huaxia Chinese School next door

The main committee members of this event, including the founder of YCIC (Youth Coding & Innovation Club) Long Island Youth Coding and Innovation Club, David Peng and co-founder Vanna Ye, State University of New York Mathematics Professor Ruo Lan and student parent Jeannette Tong spent a lot of time and efforts in four months, from signing up to summer training courses, as well as several promotional sessions, and maintain close communication to parents, help students well prepare for the event.

The theme of this year’s MakeX season is “Guardian Home”. The competition is divided into two parts: automatic control and manual control. Players need to use Makeblock’s mBot robot to complete the assigned task in four minutes and get the competition score. The participants were students aged between six and thirteen, with a total of 19 teams participating. Participants need to use mBot small robots with sensors, metal parts, etc., and finally use the Scratch like blocking program method to complete the solution. Each team consists of two students, one or two coaches. The winners of this year’s Open will represent the United States to the MakeX Global Finals in Shenzhen which will be held by the end of this year.
David Peng, the founder of YCIC Long Island Youth Coding and Innovation Club, said that, “getting children to STEAM training and competition from an early age can help children develop intellectual potential, improve manual skills, enhance creative thinking, and develop the guts, the ability of teamwork to solve problems. A small competition is the epitome of a big adult career.”
The 21st century is the century in which human artificial intelligence has taken off. US Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang also said that we are in the fourth industrial revolution and the largest in human history. A survey conducted by former US President Barack Obama in 2016 shows that in the next 20 years, 80% of Americans working under $20 an hour will be largely replaced by automation and robotics.

In order to let children walk in the forefront of the times, cultivating their interest in technology and hobbies for learning from childhood is a necessary condition for coping with the trend and demand of the job market after full automation in the future. In the current public and private schools in the United States, the education and training system in this area is still in a state of serious lack and attention.

Vanna Ye, co-founder of the YCIC Long Island Youth Coding and Innovation Club, said that because the current education system cannot keep up with the pace of the times, the United States lags behind many other countries. Our club also shoulders the mission of promoting science and technology innovation education, and takes the opportunity of the open competition to welcome the management personnel of major educational institutions, colleges, universities, after-school counseling centers, youth clubs and other related institutions to observe and cooperate. Promote community participation in the platform of MakeX, an international youth robot competition. For consultation and reservation hotline, please see the telephone contact information in the lower corner of the notice photo.
MakeX International Robot Competition official video link: https://youtu.be/YiehPw4KEXg
Every family with the kids of age between 6 to 12 are welcome to spectate this terrific event, again, the time is 10/13, from 10 am to 5 pm, at SUNY Old Westbury Campus.


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