The coming 2020 spring, our Youth Innovation Club will offer seven...

2019 Makeblock MakeX Robotics Competition World Championship...

The coming 2019 fall, our Youth Innovation Club will offer seven...

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时间:6/16 周日傍晚7点到8:30
地点:40 Oak Drive, Syosett, NY

The 2019 MakeX International Robotics Competition New York Open...

2019MakeX机器人大赛纽约公开赛将于十月十三日(Columbus Day长周末)首次在北美举行。这次比赛的参赛对象是6到13...

The coming 2019 spring, our Youth Innovation Club will offer three...

The coming 2019 winter & spring, our Youth Innovation Lab will...


Fall 2019 Youth Coding & Innovation Club Course 2019年秋季青少年编程创新俱乐部课程

The coming 2019 fall, our Youth Innovation Club will offer seven courses, include the "3D Modelling", "Mobile App Design", "Scratch + Robotics for beginner", "Scratch + Hardware", "Python for beginners", "Java for beginners" and "Python + Hardware". The "3D Modelling" and "Mobile App Design" course is mini course, it will be 6 class session (6 weeks), and the rest of the courses is the full length 12 week courses. We reserve the right to decide whether to open the course (based on the number of enrollment, very important, we changed our minimum enrollment for each course from 8 to 6, and decrease our maximum classroom size from 14 to 12, so we will start to offer the course as long as it has 6 students, and stop at 12, and each student will get more attention from course teacher.

即将到来的2019秋季,我们的青少年创新俱乐部将提供七门课程,包括“3D建模”,“移动应用程序设计”,“模块编程+机器人入门”,“Scratch +硬件”,“Python入门”,“Java 入门“和”Python +硬件“。 “3D建模”和“移动应用程序设计”课程是迷你课程,是6课时(6周),其余课程是全长12周课程。 我们保留决定是否开设课程的权利(根据入学人数决定,我们将每门课程的最低入学人数从8人改为6人,并将最大课堂规模从14人减少到12人,因此只要有6名学生就可以提供该课程,并且在达到12名学生时停止,以保证每名学生都会得到课程老师的更多关注)。

Please use the following link to register online, so we can make sure you register into the right courses. Just be aware, the seat will only be reserved after full tuition was paid and discount rate only for early registration (decide earlier get the discount), so register it online and pay it on time, for any question, please send email to youthinnolab@gmail.com or text message to 516-6907088, thank you.

请使用以下链接在线注册,以便我们确保您注册正确的课程。 请注意,座位只有在支付全额学费后才能预订,折扣率仅限于提前注册(提早决定,可以获得折扣),请在线注册并及时付款,如有任何疑问,请发送电子邮件至youthinnolab@gmail.com或短信到516-6907088,谢谢。

Click this link for introduction page of "Mobile App beginner" class http://www.youthinnolab.com/course/create-mobile-app-using-app-inventor-...
Click this link to register "Mobile App beginner" class https://forms.gle/7dSudhVtekuYrBCC8

点击此链接查看“移动应用入门”课程的介绍 http://www.youthinnolab.com/course/create-mobile-app-using-app-inventor-...
点击此链接注册“移动应用入门”课程 https://forms.gle/7dSudhVtekuYrBCC8

Click this link for introduction page of "3D Modelling" class http://www.youthinnolab.com/course/3d-modelling-2019-fall-course
Click this link to register "3D Modelling" class https://forms.gle/TpnkAqgCW2ACdpX78

点击此链接查看“3D建模”课程的介绍 http://www.youthinnolab.com/course/3d-modelling-2019-fall-course
点击此链接注册“3D建模”课程 https://forms.gle/TpnkAqgCW2ACdpX78

Click this link for introduction page of "Scratch+ Robotics for beginner" class http://www.youthinnolab.com/course/scratch-robotics-beginner-2019-fall-c...
Click this link to register "Scratch + Robotics for beginner" class https://forms.gle/2KuAF3kpdXKURHfg8
点击此链接查看“模块化编程+机器人入门”课程的介绍 http://www.youthinnolab.com/course/scratch-robotics-beginner-2019-fall-c...
点击此链接注册“模块化编程+机器人入门” 课程 https://forms.gle/2KuAF3kpdXKURHfg8

Click this link for introduction page of "Scratch +Hardware" class http://www.youthinnolab.com/course/scratch-hardware-2019-fall-course
Click this link for register "Scratch + Hardware" class https://forms.gle/NdWy6LhUr9sQE4To8

点击此链接查看“Scratch + 硬件“课程的介绍 http://www.youthinnolab.com/course/scratch-hardware-2019-fall-course
点击此链接注册“Scratch + 硬件”课程 https://forms.gle/NdWy6LhUr9sQE4To8

Click this link for introduction page of "Python for beginner" class http://www.youthinnolab.com/course/python-beginners-2019-fall-course
Click this link to register "Python for beginner" class https://forms.gle/pCRDJcoWGyUnv1w6A

点击此链接查看“Python入门”课程的介绍 http://www.youthinnolab.com/course/python-beginners-2019-fall-course
单击此链接注册“Python入门”课程 https://forms.gle/pCRDJcoWGyUnv1w6A

Click this link for introduction page of "Java for beginners" class http://www.youthinnolab.com/course/java-beginners-2019-fall-course
Click this link to register "Java for beginners" class https://forms.gle/92AiK3H4EQJkQRfW8

点击此链接查看“Java入门”课程的介绍 http://www.youthinnolab.com/course/java-beginners-2019-fall-course
单击此链接注册“Java入门”课程 https://forms.gle/92AiK3H4EQJkQRfW8

Click this link for introduction page of "Python + Hardware" class http://www.youthinnolab.com/course/python-hardware-2019-fall-course
Click this link to register "Python + Hardware" class https://forms.gle/hAz4SdsuR69MdZ2v6

点击此链接查看“Python +硬件”课程的介绍 http://www.youthinnolab.com/course/python-hardware-2019-fall-course
单击此链接注册“Python +硬件”课程 https://forms.gle/hAz4SdsuR69MdZ2v6

In registration form, make sure to include all the correct information, so we can contact you and add you into the class based wechat group. One registration form for one kid one class, so if two kids take the same class, please fill the registration form twice, then we can get the correct number of enrollment.

在注册表格中,请确保包含所有正确的信息,以便我们与您联系并将您添加到每个班级的微信组。 一个孩子一个注册表格,所以如果两个孩子上同一门课程,请填写两次注册表格,然后我们就可以获得正确的注册人数。

The tuition should be paid through Chase Quickpay or Zelle service from other big bank (such as Citi, Bank of American, Capital ONE, etc), just go to your online bank, find the Zelle service, send money to "youthinnolab@gmail.com", pay to "Song Peng". In transfer notes, please give us your kid name and course name.

学费应该通过Chase Quickpay或Zelle服务从其他大银行(如花旗,美国银行,Capital ONE等)支付,只需到你的网上银行,找到Zelle服务,汇款到“youthinnolab@gmail”。 com“,支付给”SONG PENG“。 在转账单中,请告诉我们您的孩子姓名和课程名称。

We welcome the suggestions and comments from you, work together, we build the best youth coding & innovation community.


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